Wigs Are A Girls Best Friend: Natural Hair Look Alikes

My handmade crochet Wig

Wigs are a girl’s best friend. Gone are the days when your wig LOOKED like a wig. Just about whatever you can imagine can be found. If you need color they have them. Want a short bob cut….got you. Maybe you’ve been looking for a kinky curly afro puff (look below). The wigs featured are all from Amazon and the prices listed. I’m impressed by the large variety of wigs on Amazon, especially for the woman seeking a natural kinky texture. 

If you’ve never worn a wig this is a great time to try one. What do you have to lose? Amazon looks like a great place to start no matter what color, style, or texture. They offer several pictures of wigs (front, back, side, and inside wig cap) and reviews from customers about the satisfaction of the product. 

Since being a woman that wears her hair natural I have a tendency to seek wigs that mimicked my own hair. My hair is a kinky textured and tightly coiled and it wasn’t until recently that I found wigs that looked similar to mine. I wanted to share with you a few different texture types to tempt you to check out more wigs at Amazon and elsewhere online. 

This kinky curly puff from Amazon $12.99//Head of curls  pretty// Kinky curl wig $18.99 nice//Natural curls $39.99

A Few Tips When Shopping For Wigs

  • Always look at the image of the wig on the mannequin. That will be the most realistic image. 
  • Look to see if they have pictures of the inside (cap) of wig for combs or straps to secure the wig. 
  • Know what the wig is made of Synthetic or Human Hair. 
  • Read to see if wig can tolerate heat. Some are able to be styled with a curling iron on low heat.
  • Be mindful that most wigs will need a little attention to look like what the model is wearing on the advertisement.
  • It’s a good idea to use a “wig head” when not wearing. The shape and style will last longer or store in a plastic bag. 
  • If possible try to keep your hairline out and visible to make the wig look more realistic. Also, it helps to prevent tension around your hairline which can lead to breakage. 
  • Wear your wig close to your natural hairline.
  • Feel free to trim the wig if necessary and some salons will cut and style wigs to your face.
afro kiky wig on amazon

Actual wig on mannequin head $96 Amazon

Beware of pictures like the one below. The photo of the model does not appear to be her wearing the wig on the right. This is done commonly on websites. A persons picture is captured (from anywhere on the internet) by the online store and used to promote a product. 

Afro kinky curly wig

Photo of model wearing her natural hair

Below are 2 wigs that I’ve made. I love the kinky textured look of natural hair. These are crochet wigs with combs inside for secure fit and both have a lace side part. The darker wig has sold but the wig on the right it on SALE on Etsy.

Crochet Wig Kinky 2 strand twist-out

For Sale- Kinky Textured Hair Made By Me.

Natural Kinky Curl Crochet Wig-Made By Me

Are you ready to go wig shopping? I hope you have been inspired to try the experience of a wig or at least think about experimenting. Let’s get out of a rut and have some fun with hair!! 


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