How To Wear A Short Dress For The Woman Over 50 Years Old And Still Look Stylish

Black dress with lace and textured stockings

Just a little silliness! No matter how old we get never forget to laugh. I can’t recall what happened at this moment but thanks to an awesome photographer (Marquita Hopkins) she froze the moment in time. This black dress with the crochet bodice and small pleated bottom was too good to pass up at one of my favorite retailers TJMaxx. 

Black lace dress with fishnet stockings

The dress has a certain “youthful” feel about it with the ribbon sash at the waist and the short hemline. Being 5’10 I knew I would have to wear tights or textured pantyhose to counter looking like a 50-year-old in her daughters dress. For the woman over 40, a special secret to still being able to wear a shorter dress or skirt is to add a pair of tights. Pairing a short dress with a pair of opaque tights helps to make the outfit look chicer and not cheaper 🙂

Blacke lace dress with fishnet stockings and peace sign

This fall season I hope you will wear some tights, textured pantyhose, or fishnets when you’re wanting to feel a little playful. Find fashions that make you smile. Maybe it’s time to try a new style, a new color or a new mindset that forces you to see the world a little different. How you feel in a garment often will reflect how you project to others. This little black dress brought out the “little girl” in me. Here’s to never letting go of the inner child!!!

Black dress with lace fishnet stockings and Coach bag

Black dress TJMaxx (similar)| Fishnet stocking| Coach Bag (Gift)| Shoes

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