Measurements made for Microblading the eyebrows

Measurements and drawing of the eyebrows before Microblading begins

Micoroblading The Eyebrows-The Inside Look

I’ve been contemplating what to do with my thin eyebrows. Don’t you want to wake up with “eyebrows on fleek”? Sorry……just couldn’t resist. Thinning brows suck and maintenance not much better. Microblading to the rescue…’s similar to tattooing. While scrolling on Instagram one day I came across a picture of students at The Dallas Skin Institute completing coursework on Microblading. I saw that they did great work and I commented on the post. The next thing I knew Patsy from the Institute and I were chatting and I was scheduled for an appointment. The Dallas Skin Institute trains the student on permanent cosmetics, micro-blading, and eyelash extensions. They also offer other innovative and unique beauty services to students. Be sure to check out their website for all the fabulous classes/training they offer.

Below is how the magic happens:

  1.  They lay you back and put this plastic stencil on your face to make measurements of your eyebrows and then fill-in the area (top picture).
  2. They ask you what color would you like your eyebrows ( I chose a lighter brown due to my hair color).
  3. A color is created and put into a tool to start the mini-incisions on your eyebrows (some discomfort during the procedure).
  4. The student will ask your pain level and offer more numbing gel if needed and they will sit you up in the chair to look at eyebrows and alignment.
  5. After the student’s work is approved by the instructor they finalize the blading.  At this time they will ask what you think and if any adjustments need to be made.
  6.  After the consultation with the student, instructor, and myself the micro-blading is complete.

My appointment took about 2 hours but at a salon, I’m sure it would be quicker.


They gave me a gel similar to an anti-ointment to put on my bows in the evening and the next morning along with a small amount of Aloe Vera gel. I had no problems at all, no swelling and little to no discomfort. The follow-up appointment is to be scheduled 4-6 weeks after getting the mico-blading. If I wanted my brows darker it’s possible to have this done at the time of the follow-up. After a little research, I found that micro-blading can cost in range from around $350 and up. Be sure and do your homework talk with other that have had it done. Ask how many have been done in the past. Ask for certifications. Be sure to look at pictures of work.


The Dallas Skin Institute has a beautiful white, black, and silver studio it has a very calming environment. The instructors and students were friendly and well-skilled.  It was a pleasure to be a model for this class. If interested in classes or becoming a model be sure to get in contact with them. I’m loving not having to mess with my brows in the morning.




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    1. Tamara Batsell Post author

      Hey Karen…..It’s a nice solution. What is really special is that it’s tiny “feather-like” marks they make to really resemble what eyebrows look like. I have to tell you it’s a little painful. I asked for extra numbing cream but just think of having nicely shaped eyebrow to wake up to every day. Please let me know if you decide to do it. I’d love to see the results. Thanks for your comment.

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