TB Style Works is your destination for all things style, specifically tailored to the modern, mature woman. Founded by Tamara Batsell, TB Style Works exists to empower, equip, and educate women on how to develop their personal style and be confident in their own skin. TB Style Works celebrates style at any age, and hopes to become your resource for making style work for you!

With experience spanning from commercial styling to modeling, Tamara Batsell is a seasoned style expert. On a mission to encourage women to embrace their individuality, Tamara founded TB Style Works after realizing that style is a form of expression at every age. Tamara hopes to become an advocate for women of all ages, and empower them to embrace their individuality. Tamara believes in the transformative nature of clothing and hopes that TB Style Works will equip you to become the best version of yourself. She is passionate about making others feel good in their own skin, Tamara developed an affinity for helping women after being teased as a child for being different. Throughout her childhood and into womanhood, Tamara learned how to embrace what makes her an individual– and hopes to inspire others to do the same! You can also read more of Tamara’s take on style on Heart and Soul Magazine.
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