5 Fashion Styles Tips To Hide The Tummy

5 tips to hide the tummy

5 tips to hide the tummy

5 Fashion Tips To Hide The Tummy

No one has the perfect body (well, with the exception of those Sports Illustrated swimsuit model…ugh) so it’s important to play up our assets and minimize the troublesome areas.  The tummy or midsection may need a little camouflage so other areas can shine. We are grown woman and having a flat stomach probably is not on your priority list but looking good in that special dress or a pair of jeans would be a good thing. So here are some fashion tips to hide the tummy.

Tummy Friendly Tips

 1. Avoid thin clingy fabric

Why? It’s most flattering when the fabric skims the body and is not clinging to the area you are trying to minimize. It’s important to be mindful of what type of fabric will be most forgiving. A built-in tie or knot on a dress with a soft fabric is a winning combination.

tummy hiding dress solution

2.Try a high-waisted skirt

This type of skirt offers support and control in the area of the waistline. Plus, it has a certain sex appeal. The pencil skirt would be perfect or the full skirt with the high-waist band is a winner as well.

the high-waised skirt helps to minimize the tummy


3. Be peplum pretty

The peplum is a good chic way to camouflage the tummy area. It draws the eye away from the area you are trying to minimize and add a stylish flare.

peplum helps to hide tummy

4. Jump into a jumpsuit

This adult onesie is a great option and will have you looking leaner and taller in no time. The soft tailoring of a jumpsuit and the defined waist will take inches off.

the jumpsuite helps to hide the tummy

5. Wear a pattern

The key to pulling off wearing patterns successfully is the fabric and size of the pattern. It helps if the fabric softer and flowy while the pattern is small to medium in size.
pretty patterns help to hide the tummyLadies it’s time to embrace the bodies that we have. You can look fabulous, sexy, classy, pretty, and desirable no matter what your size. Don’t give up on being attractive. I’m here to help you find your pretty. A style is about capturing who you are as a person and showing it to the rest of the world. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the look you want. I’m here to help if you struggle with styling.

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5 Style Tips On How A 40 Plus Woman Wears A Little Black Dress

style tips on how a grown woman wears a little black dress


I bet you can’t tell my beautiful friend rarely wears dresses. She looks stunning. She is also a woman who is over the age of 40. As a 40+ woman your style may change but that doesn’t stop you from being sexy in your skin. This is how a GROWN woman wears a little black dress!! You too can look fabulous in a “little black dress” or better known LBD with little effort.  If you “hate” getting dressed-up or coming out of your comfort zone I have some helpful tips. Relax…..it’s painless. Tonja is a long-time friend that allowed me to shop and style her for a photo shoot. Her style is simple yet classy. The LBD is the perfect go-to piece.  I’ve always loved styling people and helping them to find their own personal style.

My friend is not a shopping type gal. Do you know the type? Tons of women cringe at the idea of shopping and I’d like to dispel the myth that all women like to shop. It’s not true!!! Shopping for the perfect black dress is easier if you know exactly what to look for.


little black dress style tips5 Style Tips For Wearing The Little Black Dress For The Woman Over 40 (LBD)

  1. Go shopping wearing proper shape wear. Yes, this is really important. Having under garments that smooth the figure will make the all the difference when trying on dresses.
  2. Accent the positive! If you have great legs….show them off. If you have a pretty bustline….show the “girls” off. If you have a nice waistline….showcase the curves.
  3. Wear accessories to your advantage and sometimes less is more. If you decide to go with a statement necklace try to keep everything else simple. Don’t overwhelm your outfit.
  4. Fit is everything. Find a dress that you are comfortable in. If you have to pull or tug on the garment every time you move or walk it’s not for you. Walk around in the dress before you buy. You may even want to sit down in the dress to see if it is comfortable in the sitting position.
  5. Posture. Standing erect and with confidence can greatly improve your style. Shoulders back and relaxed. Pull abdomen in. Walk in a room like you own it.


little black dress (LBD) style tips

little black dress style tip

Dress: Nordstroms Rack (Similar)

Shoes: Her Closet (Similar)

Necklace: Platos Closet 

Earrings: Nordstoms Rack 


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Discover The Perfect End Of Summer Dresses

summer dress for end of season

So were nearing the end of summer but there’s still time to grab some summer dresses to wear and have in the closet. I’ve always been a fan of dresses because it’s just one choice you have to make when getting dressed. Let’s keep it simple! The good news is you can find great prices now. You still have time to wear these cute dresses. The dress I’m wearing has cut-outs that caught my attention. And the rich color was a no-brainer. I had to grab it. It’s all about the small details. The fit of the dress was also a selling point. It’s a fit and flare style that is truly very flattering on most body types. You can have it all in one dress…..style, comfort, and pretty. I added a necklace I found at resale shop Plato’s Closet and the clutch was my mothers. The bold colorful platform shoes are from JustFab. The platform is easy to wear and “give me life” because they can to sky-high but still comfortable.

Perfect Summer Dresses

This dress was deeply discounted (less than $40) at Belk’s Spring Charity Sale (Dallas) benefiting Model of Culture. I was lucky enough to be invited by Vanna Collins Cottingham who is the Founder of Model of Culture. Vanna covers all things trendy including fashion, celebrity news, music, community events and so much more. It felt wonder to spend dollars that would aid a great charity and a wonderful person. Be sure to lookout for Belk’s next charity sale. You’ll get to shop before the doors open to the public and be offered more discounts. With Fall just around the corner it’s time to take advantage of the outstanding sales of summer merchandise.

end of summer season dress orange fit and flare


fit and flare summer dress with cutouts

End of season summer dress

These summer dresses make you go oooooweeee! I put together a few steals and deals. All of these beauties are under $45!! Yessssss…… don’t you just love affordable fashion? All these looks have a easy-brezzy feel. Dresses offer a simple solution when trying to decide what to wear.

Here are some fabulous summer dresses all under $45. Style isn’t about the expensive price tag.


Note: This is an affiliate link, which means I receive compensation if you buy a product through this link


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Maximize The Maxi: A Summer Must Have

Maxi dress with statement necklace

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maxi dress and statement necklace

I love wearing a maxi dress. They are easy to wear and oh so comfortable. I found this blue maxi with cutouts on one of my go-to online stores Shein.com. The ruching at the waistline is very forgiving and the dress is fully lined. I like the deep V that allows me to show off this beautiful statement necklace. Nothing like a little bling in your life. Summer is the perfect time to bare some skin and this dress allows you to do that in style. A great way to maximize the maxi is to change-up your accessories. This bold necklace dresses up the outfit but if you add a delicate or smaller necklace you have a more casual look. The maxi dress is your friend. 

Maxi dress and accessories
All photos by Kristin Miller @kdmiller.photo

3 Ways to Maximize The Maxi

  1. Jewelry. This is where you can decide how and where you want to wear your maxi dress. I decided to dress-up my maxi with a big bold statement necklace from Pearlsandrocks. Added a studded clutch and simple silver ring and bracelet. If you want a more casual look add some dainty accessories. A smaller necklace or even a couple of them stacked would be a nice touch. Instead of a clutch add a bigger bag or shoulder purse.
  2. Wear a shirt over the maxi. It may get cool in the evening and this is a way to add another dimension to the maxi. I love wear a denim shirt sometimes over my maxi dresses. Also a light sweater cardigan can add some flavor.
  3. The shoes. Yes, gals you know the shoe game is all important. A flat scandal is always a great go-to option. The wedge shoe is so cute. And the high-heels really maximize the maxi to dressy status.

maxi dress backless


maxi dress with silver studded cluch

The maxi is easy-breezy and fun to wear. Do you love a maxi? If you don’t own a maxi it’s time to put one in your closet. No matter age, size, or height it’s a dress that won’t go out of style. Let me know how you’re wearing the maxi dress this summer.




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3 Ways To Wear A Dress As A Top

white dress with floral capri pants

wearing a dress as a top

3 Ways To Wear A Dress As A Top

  1. If you have a dress in your closet that you feel is just a little too short. Try wearing it over a pair of capris (like I did in these photo’s)
  2. Some times it’s okay to shop in the Juniors Department. Although I’m far from being a “junior” you can find stylish dresses and wear them as a shirt. Pair them with some long shorts, leggings, or skinny jeans.
  3. The best way to pull off this look is to make sure what you wear under the dress in form-fitting. This look is comfy and chic, plus now you have multiple ways to wear a dress. A win, win!!!

The dress is a Ebay buy that I found for $8 and the floral capris (similar) are old. The bag I found at Goodwill. Yes, can you believe it?! I love finding great deals. The lovely accessories are from Plano jewelry designer Tia W. Vaugh and her collection Tarte Laine is full of color and brilliant stones. Make the most out of your closet and multi-purpose items. Sometimes we just need to shop in our closets. Be sure to stop by my Instagram where I show more fashion/beauty tips.

wearing a top as a dress white dress with capri pants and bag

wearing a top as a dress white dress with floral capri pants


wearing a top as a dress accessories by tarte laine

I’d love to hear or see how you wear dresses in different ways. Wearing a dress as a top offers easy styling and it’s so easy to do. Style doesn’t have to be costly, just creative. And don’t forget to add your personality to an outfit. Personal style should be fun…..not a struggle.



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