Maximize The Maxi: A Summer Must Have

Maxi dress with statement necklace

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maxi dress and statement necklace

I love wearing a maxi dress. They are easy to wear and oh so comfortable. I found this blue maxi with cutouts on one of my go-to online stores The ruching at the waistline is very forgiving and the dress is fully lined. I like the deep V that allows me to show off this beautiful statement necklace. Nothing like a little bling in your life. Summer is the perfect time to bare some skin and this dress allows you to do that in style. A great way to maximize the maxi is to change-up your accessories. This bold necklace dresses up the outfit but if you add a delicate or smaller necklace you have a more casual look. The maxi dress is your friend. 

Maxi dress and accessories
All photos by Kristin Miller

3 Ways to Maximize The Maxi

  1. Jewelry. This is where you can decide how and where you want to wear your maxi dress. I decided to dress-up my maxi with a big bold statement necklace from Pearlsandrocks. Added a studded clutch and simple silver ring and bracelet. If you want a more casual look add some dainty accessories. A smaller necklace or even a couple of them stacked would be a nice touch. Instead of a clutch add a bigger bag or shoulder purse.
  2. Wear a shirt over the maxi. It may get cool in the evening and this is a way to add another dimension to the maxi. I love wear a denim shirt sometimes over my maxi dresses. Also a light sweater cardigan can add some flavor.
  3. The shoes. Yes, gals you know the shoe game is all important. A flat scandal is always a great go-to option. The wedge shoe is so cute. And the high-heels really maximize the maxi to dressy status.

maxi dress backless


maxi dress with silver studded cluch

The maxi is easy-breezy and fun to wear. Do you love a maxi? If you don’t own a maxi it’s time to put one in your closet. No matter age, size, or height it’s a dress that won’t go out of style. Let me know how you’re wearing the maxi dress this summer.




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3 Ways To Wear A Dress As A Top

white dress with floral capri pants

wearing a dress as a top

3 Ways To Wear A Dress As A Top

  1. If you have a dress in your closet that you feel is just a little too short. Try wearing it over a pair of capris (like I did in these photo’s)
  2. Some times it’s okay to shop in the Juniors Department. Although I’m far from being a “junior” you can find stylish dresses and wear them as a shirt. Pair them with some long shorts, leggings, or skinny jeans.
  3. The best way to pull off this look is to make sure what you wear under the dress in form-fitting. This look is comfy and chic, plus now you have multiple ways to wear a dress. A win, win!!!

The dress is a Ebay buy that I found for $8 and the floral capris (similar) are old. The bag I found at Goodwill. Yes, can you believe it?! I love finding great deals. The lovely accessories are from Plano jewelry designer Tia W. Vaugh and her collection Tarte Laine is full of color and brilliant stones. Make the most out of your closet and multi-purpose items. Sometimes we just need to shop in our closets. Be sure to stop by my Instagram where I show more fashion/beauty tips.

wearing a top as a dress white dress with capri pants and bag

wearing a top as a dress white dress with floral capri pants


wearing a top as a dress accessories by tarte laine

I’d love to hear or see how you wear dresses in different ways. Wearing a dress as a top offers easy styling and it’s so easy to do. Style doesn’t have to be costly, just creative. And don’t forget to add your personality to an outfit. Personal style should be fun…..not a struggle.



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Must Have White Top And Killer Jeans

White top and jeans

white top banana republic

The white top and jeans is a versatile combination that offers a polished look. I’m all about a casual look with unique accessories. A white top is an essential for the closet. It can go from office to evening and casual to dressy. The button down white shirt is from Banana Republic and the fabric is so soft and comfortable. I love wearing jeans and I lucked out and found these boot-cut at Plato’s Closet. Finding a good fitting pair of jeans is a struggle for me at times. I’m a “tall drink of water” at 5″10 so length is often an issue but these jeans were extra long…..yaaay! The boot-cut jeans tends to balance out my curves. When you’re a lady with hips the fullness at the bottom of the jeans leg offers a slimmer appearance

The beautiful pieces I’m wearing are from Tarte Laine. Tia W. Vaughn a wife and mother who lives in Plano, TX is the designer and her collection is stunning. She designs all her works with her own hands. Her jewelry consists of miniature hand-painted canvas, stones and beads. And you won’t find any two pieces that are alike.

White top and jeans


Necklace, ring, earrings, by Tarte LaineHere are a few suggestions for the “perfect” white shirt. This classic basic top has endless chic style that is timeless. 

white top and bootcut jeans
Bag mother’s closet, wedge sandals DSW Shoes

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Beauty At The Galleria: Beauty Tips For The Everyday Woman

Beauty panel at the Galleria Mall
Beauty Live panel disscussion
Beauty Live panel talking about all things beauty. Click picture to learn more details about the event.

Great beauty event at the Dallas Galleria. Beauty experts provided tips on how to apply makeup to useful stress releasing techniques. These type of events at local malls can very helpful when seeking out beauty advice. They have makeup artists that can teach you how to apply your makeup and what products would work best for you. I attended Beauty Live on Saturday but more activities are on Sunday April 10th. All the panelist seen above live in the Dallas area and they discussed  how to stay cute with the hot Texas summer around the corner.

Beauty Tips For The Summer Heat

  1. Primer is your friend. It helps save the makeup and last longer throughout the hot days.
  2. Wear less makeup but find a good bronzer or highlighter that will give you a glow……not a shine.
  3. Don’t neglect your eyebrows. They can make a huge difference without wearing any makeup.
Beauty Expert Leah Frazier
Beauty/Style Expert Leah Frazier. Founder of Inspire N Style and The FashionPreneur. Click picture to learn more about Inspire N Style.

So happy to see Leah Frazier on the panel at Beauty Live. She truly is a beauty/style expert. She’s a fashion stylist, editor, and founder of two fashion publications and so much more . She is very knowledgeable about trends, styles, and all things beauty. If you see her name on any event you need to attend. Leah offers so many services in the fashion realm so be sure to click her name for more information.

Video of Regional Stylist from Lancome working the runway and giving away beauty products. The audience was very excited about free giveaways. Events like these are all around the country so no matter where you live it’s a get chance to try beauty products at no cost. Lancome is offering some special deals for the weekend of April 9-10th.

Makeup Tips For The Woman Over 40

  1. Moisturize….moisturize….moisturize. The more hydrated your skin is the younger it looks.
  2. Flaunt your new bone structure. As a woman ages you lose fat in your face. Play up those cheekbones, wear blush.
  3. Often the eyelashes get thinner but no worries just use a mascara that is light weight and has a thinner brush. The thinner brush helps coat each lash.
Sephora Makeup Artist and Dionne dean
Here are Dionne Dean and the Sephora makeup artist that provided me a daytime smokey eye. I lost her contact information but stop by and see her. Check out Dionne once a month on Good Morning Texas as a featured Style Expert.

Beauty Live offered a lot of information on beauty and how to apply it to your life. The gift bag and gift card from Belk was icing on the cake. I wanted to share the expericenc with you and let you know there are affordable beauty services available. Don’t neglect yourself. If you don’t know where to go seek professional advice. You deserve to feel pretty and it doesn’t have to cost a ton of money.  It’s never too late to be a better you.



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How To Look Thinner In The A-Line Skirt For Spring And Summer

look thinner in the aline skirt for spring summer

black mesh textured fula-line skirt and statement necklace

The A-line skirt is a killer look for Spring/Summer 2016. No matter age or size this beauty is a winner for every woman. The slimming style offers comfort and class. Some times a girl just wants to a relaxed fit and the A-line skirt is a great option. There’s no tugging or pulling to put on and you can leave the shapewear at home. The diversity of the skirt is mind-blowing! And the variety of hemlines makes its it even more diverse. It can go from a mini-skirt to a maxi.

Although this is a hot trend for the Spring/Summer the A-line skirt has been around for a long time. Christian Dior introduced this garmet in 1955 and it’s still a head-turned.  A-line skirts fit at the waist and widen out from the hips and thighs which make it wearable for all sizes. The skirt comes in all types of fabrics, textures, and colors. The options of what to pair it with are limitless.

How To Style The A-Line Skirt

  • With a tucked-in structured skirt
  • Tied at the waist shirt
  • A crop top that hits just at the top of the skirt
  • A heel looks awesome with this skirt
  • The bootie/ankle boot is a cute casual look
  • A pointe toe pump elongate the body
Spring A-line Skirt


black a-line full skirt

I chose a black A-line skirt matched with a crop top and platform heels. I fell in love with the texture of the skirt and the high-waisted wide waistband. The skirt is from one of my favorite Dallas boutiques indigo 175Yep….keeps it all sucked in, good support is your friend. The skirt is layered making it look even fuller. The beauty of the A-line is that it really slims the waist……sexy yet subtle. The heels on the shoes look sky high but the platform is a saving grace. Can I dance the night away??? Ahhhh probably not, but they’re good for some hours 🙂 And the statement necklace is hand-crafted by an awesome jewelry designer in Dallas, you can find her treasures on Etsy at Anukah

How To Look Thinner In The Skirt

  • A style tip to look smaller is to dress Monochromatic (wearing all one color from head to toe)
  • Be aware of the hemlines….. for the petite woman it’s recommended to wear the skirt a little shorter to show more leg and offer length.
  • Choose a high-waisted skirt that will prevent the “muffin-top”, plus it’s often more comfortable.
  • When choosing a top remember to keep the neckline open, this offers a leaner look.

black textured full a-line skirt -Steve Madden shoes


black full a-line full textured skirt

These are all just suggestions, there are few absolutes when dressing. Rules are made to be broken. Hopefully these tips will lead you to finding the style you want and a look you love.




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